Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thinking cap

So I've been sorting through some old sets I've shot in the past and trying to decide what to post first.  There are several unpublished pics that I have that I originally was set to post to my old chan thread but I'm going to post them here on blogger instead.  The picture quality and layout is much nicer, although I admit that I takes a bit more time to get the pictures ready to post.  I'll try to sort in a mix of my old sets from my chan days as well as some new sets.  As always I love hearing requests and will do my best to accommodate.  To the left is an example of my Christmas 2010 set, which I'll be posting soon.  Below is an example of a short set I shot after receiving a request for some pantyhose shots.  I'll be posting the third part of this set (previously unpublished) and the other two parts coming soon.  I'm still working with my clothing selections, trying to find what works with my body type and love exploring new ways to apply make up.  Just started with liquid liner and I must admit it's been a little tricky.  Hang in there with me, I hope to bring you some great new sets in the very new future.

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